Assembly of Heavy Equipment – Production Transfer Cart

Problem: A global leader in heavy equipment manufacturing was seeking to add a new production line. While adding the line, they were also looking to streamline the build assembly process. This required rearranging the process focused on moving assemblies, weighing up to 18 tons, along a linear path. The company was wanting to find a way of moving the assemblies on demand in an easy, efficient way.

Solution: After researching possible methods of moving these heavy assemblies, the company chose a 20 ton rail-mounted, battery-powered transfer cart with integrated lift deck sourced from Engineered Lifting Systems & Equipment Inc.

The transfer cart was designed to travel on floor-embedded rail, a linear path of 90′. In order to keep the floor surface unobstructed to traffic, the rail was embedded in the floor. The cart was designed to position under a work table used for assembly placement. The combination of cart and table allowed for quick transfer to adjacent work cells along the rail path. The table top’s machined surface gave an accurate smooth surface for precise assembly.

A hand-held pendant with push button provides control for cart movement (forward/reverse). A hand-held remote is used to raise and lower the lift deck from lowest position, where it has clearance for moving under the table, to its highest position where the table is lifted off the floor several inches for traveling along the rail path. The lift table has an interlock which prevents the cart from moving if the lift deck is not in the fully raised or lowered position. Cable reels manage the lift deck AC power during deck lifting operations, and the on-board battery charger cable makes for convenient re-charging.