Box Palletizing – Warehouse Order Building

The Problem – A warehouse of an international specialty cheese supplier needed a palletizing solution to optimize their order building process. Palletized boxes were removed from racking using fork trucks and transported to a central work area. The order building process required picking from multiple pallets of product onto empty pallets according to shipping orders. Manual handling of boxes was not optional as box weights, at 88 lbs, are beyond recommended manual lifting guidelines.

The Solution: The solution chosen was a free standing Gorbel work station crane with an Anver vacuum Tube, a lifting system supplied by Engineered Lifting Systems & Equipment Inc. The installed modular floor mounted work station crane was engineered for the warehouse layout, offering correct load positioning while not requiring any sway bracing. The bridge mounted two-pad Anver Vacuum Tube Lifter with fixed control handle provides 17 ft x 28 ft lifting coverage area allowing one operator to palletize in an efficient and ergonomic manner.