Bridge Crane with Notched Offset Beam

Problem: A company specializing in power train products required hoisting in their manufacturing and maintenance facility. The application required there be a maximum hook coverage relative to the area.

Solution:A custom solution was required as standard bridge cranes and work station cranes did not provide the hook coverage needed. Additionally, the company did not want crane support columns as the floor area needed to be as unobstructed as possible.

The company chose a custom 2 Ton Mentor Bridge Crane with a 46 FT span. The bridge beam was notched to clear roof trusses and offset on end trucks to be directly over one set of crane wheels, allowing the crane hook to be positioned to the extreme end of the runway. A Stahl Electric Chain Hoist was selected as its design maximizes hook approach. This crane design was needed for the customer to have lifting coverage into a machine that was installed up against a wall.