Component Part Repair at Rental Service Depot – Jib Crane FS300

An industrial equipment rental supply company wanted to improve their work shop for servicing returned equipment. There was no overhead lifting system in their work shop, so when lifting was required, workers used a fork lift as a temporary mounting point for a manual chain fall when lifting a motor or component sub-assembly. This method of lifting was not convenient or ideal, so a business decision was made to find a more permanent lifting solution to make repair work easier, faster and safer.

The company looked to ELS to help them select a crane that was the best fit for their small workshop. They looked at a Gorbel free standing Work Station Crane but the crane’s support columns took up valuable floor space and were impeding work activities. They considered a Gorbel ceiling mounted crane but the ceiling was too high and could not accommodate the load.

A Gorbel FS300 Jib Crane was a better crane solution because it fit the space better and could easily handle up to 2 tons. Repair work is now easier and safer with the convenience of having the jib readily available.