Custom Lifting Beam for Off-Set Loads

A company in the nuclear power generation industry needed to lift a series of heavy steel floor panels in a specialized chamber. All of the panels to be lifted were located outside of the hook coverage of their existing overhead bridge crane. For several years, the company had searched to find a suitable lifting solution but had not found one so they asked ELS to solve the problem.

ELS proposed developing a custom lifting beam that could be attached to their existing crane. ELS’s design engineering team developed the technical solution and manufactured the equipment to meet the customer’s requirements and schedule.

For ease in shipping and assembly within the confined facility space, the lifting beam was of a modular design. It featured a moving counterweight with a battery powered drive system, load cell, integrated controls and a warning system to tell when the beam was not balanced adequately.

Using the custom lifting beam attached to their existing crane, the company is now able to reach the floor panels and perform controlled lifts by counterbalancing the load with precise controls. The counterbalancing happens by operators adjusting the counterweight position. Operators reference a calibrated scale that shows load capacity intervals in relation to the counter weight locations.

ELS’s team completed load and functional tests for the customer at ELS’s manufacturing facilities in Elmira, Ontario to prove the lifting process prior to shipment.

This custom lifting solution really was an exceptional team effort meeting the challenges of a short delivery time, rapid design engineering, quality compliance, and our ability to fabricate, finish, assemble and ship on schedule.