Die Automotive Metal Stamping – Transfer Cart Steerable

The Problem: Manual lifting was required to unpack shipments of stacked sinks. Workers found it difficult to separate the sinks and also struggled to lift the sinks due to their weight. In addition, the sinks were stacked higher than the height of the employees which made it even more challenging to lift.

Sinks were inspected, then manually lifted into individual boxes. Boxes were manually palletized. The palletizing process also involved workers lifting boxes over head. This operation required 2 workers to complete. Worker fatigue, injury and efficiency needed to be addressed.

Solution: Gorbel WSJ360 Work Station Jib Crane and Anver Tube Lifter with an extended handle.

Benefits Realized:
• One vacuum head attachment was designed to lift both sinks and boxes.
• Only one worker was required to handle sinks and boxes.
• Ergonomic issues were resolved and Health & Safety concerns were addressed.
• Production efficiencies were also realized