Die/Mold – Transfer Cart Steerable

Problem: A Tier 1 automotive supply company needed to move large dies weighing up to 25 ton. The travel path involved several turns making the application more complicated than a straight back and forth shuttle. The company had been using a malfunctioning powered cart towed behind a fork truck, however this proved to be an inadequate, unsafe solution and was contributing to a bottleneck in production.

Production requirements demanded an occasional transfer of product. The company was looking for a safer solution with greater functionality.

Solution: A review of available solutions on the market revealed the best solution for this application was a custom, propane powered, steerable transfer cart manufactured by ELS.

The cart, designed with a 30 ton rated load capacity, is able to steer across smooth to semi-smooth concrete floors. Two dual front swivel casters correspond to the rear steel drive wheels resulting in a turning radius equal to the cart’s length. The custom wooden deck cushions dies against impact and when production demands that little bit more the deck provides a versatile sturdy carrying surface. The small-sized propane generator powers the AC drives. With 2 propane tanks on the cart, fuel is drawn from one tank at a time but a valve will automatically switch from an empty tank to a full one. Unlike fork trucks that use liquid propane, the generator uses vapor propane tanks, a common fuel source. An operator walking beside the cart uses a hand-held pendent controller to steer the cart along the curved pathway.

The steerable transfer cart is contributing to time savings by having its own independent drive system alleviating the need to wait on an available fork truck. The ease of fuel tank swap out has meant straightforward fuel replenishment with minimal downtime and the cart’s rugged construction, durable wheels and casters, quick disconnects for pendent swap-out, make for long life of service.