Egg Carton Sleeve Handler

The Problem: Operators on a packaging assembly line were tasked with manually palletizing plastic strapped sleeves of 125 egg cartons weighing 35 LB. The physical demands of building multi-layered pallets to a five foot height was difficult because the delicate nature of the product and the reach required was beyond recommended limits. A lifting solution was sought to address the problem. A new assembly line would be installed to accommodate the change. Consideration was given to a floor embedded lift table but this option did not address the whole application.

The Solution: A custom lifting system was supplied by Engineered Lifting Systems (ELS) consisting of a Gorbel work station jib crane with a pneumatic air balancer mounted on its 12 FT boom and a pneumatic gripper-style lift assist end effector. Two fixed and two moving paddles on the lift assist clamp the sleeve while the balancer and jib provide the overhead lift. Rotation stops controlled the radial lifting coverage of the jib crane for the palletizing work area. The air balancer’s 80 IN vertical travel features infinite variable speed control with integrated controls mounted onto the lift assist handle. Resulting in the palletizing process being more efficient and ergonomically friendly.