Gas Meter Lift Assist

The Problem: A repair service center for refurbishing natural gas meters needed an integrated lift assist to handle the meters during the repair and refurbishing processes. The gas meters, varying shapes and weighing up to 225 lb, were manually lifted, transferred and maintained by technicians. This process often needed 2 operators for the material handling transfer where the work on the gas meters required 1 operator, this being problematic for realizing efficiencies.

The lifting solution needed to address the both the ergonomic problems of over reaching and heavy lifting, also the inherent in the process. Possible solutions that were explored were tilters, conveyors, dollies and scissor tables. Implementing these options would add to the congested areas while not freeing up an operator.

The Solution: Engineered Lifting Systems & Equipment Inc.(ELS) was chosen to supply an integrated lifting system included a free standing work station jib crane with a G-Force intelligent lifting device. The G-Force integrates with a pneumatic end effector which grips the gas meter’s mounting plate. Additionally, a swiveling stand was designed for meter placement during repainting. Results of the solution ELS provided are: a single operator is able to repair and refurbish all gas meters place them onto a proper work surface for painting. Efficiencies are realized and the workstation is much safer.