Gas Meter Refurbishing Center Part Handling

A natural gas supply company in Ontario that is rebuilding pumps and meters was looking to expand their work shop by building a new larger facility. In their old work shop, pumps and meters were either manually handled, with chain falls, or for the larger units, with forklifts. Manual handling was slow and cumbersome as well as being the cause of several incidences where workers were hurt. So when the company built a new facility they wanted to invest in a better way to handle their pumps and meters. They decided the better way was to install Gorbel ergonomic Work Station Crane products sourced from ELS for their new facility.

Initially ELS worked with the building contractor to design the building structure to accommodate the load factors of the ceiling mounted bridge crane and monorail beam. Additionally, ELS assisted with plant layout to optimize work flow with regard to placement of cranes for material handling.

In their receiving area they had ELS install a 500 lbs capacity ceiling mounted Gorbel bridge crane with 2 bridges, each bridge with a G-Force Intelligent Lifting Devices. At either end of this ceiling mounted crane they installed 165 lb capacity Easy Arms to pick and place parts from pallets to conveyor.

In their paint booth area they had ELS install a 250 lbs ceiling mounted monorail and air powered chain hoist for lifting operations. Adjacent to the paint booth they installed a WSJ360 Jib Crane to provide 360 degree overhead lifting in a work cell to serve a work bench and part placement under the monorail.

In yet another area, they installed two Easy Arm Jib Crane to serve multiple work benches for gas meters for pick and place operations.

The benefits of using the G-Force and Easy Arm devices is that they allow operators to lift various sizes of pumps/meters and transport them easily without damaging them. The float mode of these devices allows operators to handle parts with smooth controlled movements.

The benefit of having the ceiling mounted bridge crane and monorail is an unobstructed floor as the load is on the building’s roof rather than support columns.