Glass Panels Lift & Tilt

Work processes in a manufacturing facility that produces wood office furniture and custom architectural woodwork required handling of sheets of glass. Workers were manually handling various sizes of glass sheets from a vertical position on a shipping skid to a horizontal position for an assembly process. There were Health & Safety issues to workers doing the manual lifting and also risk of breakage to the glass material.

A powered vacuum lifter/tilter had been previously used but it proved to be inadequate and unreliable.

The company sourced a pneumatic lift assist with powered tilter designed and manufactured by ELS Equipment Inc. The lift assist mounted on pneumatic balancer suspended from a free standing Gorbel work station bridge crane provides the vertical lift and tilt for and glass panels.
The design of the entire system provides consistent ease of operations over the full range of the work area. Movement of the glass lift assist is controlled by operator’s use of handle bar controls. Both hands of the operator are required for the control operations. Handle bar controls include: air balancer up/down (vertical lifting force), the vacuum pads (attach and release of glass panels) and tilter operations (180° tilt from horizontal to vertical or vice versa).

Benefits of the system have been realized worker injuries and ease of operation resulting in time efficiency and cost savings.