Hoisting Materials – Overhead Crane Engineered to Fit

Problem: An engine assembling facility was looking for an overhead lifting system which would allow loads up to 1,000 LB to remain controlled throughout the required 60 in to 96 in of vertical lift stroke.

The company was familiar with traditional hoists such as electric chain, wire rope and balancers. They were looking for an alternative lifting system primarily because of specific controlled lifting requirements for worker safety and to avoid product damage during assembly.

Solution: The company chose a series of Mentor Telescopic Rigid Column Vertical Masts (RCVM) engineered and manufactured by Engineered Lifting Systems & Equipment Inc. The RCVM’s have custom trolleys which mount onto any double girder overhead bridge crane.

RCVM were mounted to free standing cranes with double girder bridges allowing for rectangular lifting coverage in multiple work areas. RCVM multiple telescopic sections extend and retract providing true vertical lift, giving a smooth, controlled travel throughout the lifting stroke. RCVM’s telescopic sections extend to various lengths to accommodate the company’s requirement for various lifting heights at various assembly operations. RCVM’s also featured slewing bearings to allow end-of-arm tooling (EOAT) to be rotated and mechanical braked to hold the EOAT to the desired orientation. EOAT was designed by the customer to suit each assembly operation. A servo motor and programmable controller were chosen to provide the vertical travel. The servo system allows for a float mode function that enables workers to precisely control the movement of the lift assist thereby reducing the chance of product damage or worker injury.