Loading Rolls of Vinyl into Process Equipment

The Industry: Semiconductor and Related Devices

Product: Free Standing Work Station Cranes with Runout Beam

The Problem: A company that manufactures solar panels in Mississauga, Ontario wanted to improve the way their workers loaded 1000 LB rolls of vinyl into a process machine. Their production demands had increased to the point they required a second processing center.

The floor area was very congested and there was an overhead venting obstruction associated with the new machine installation that could not easily be modified. A standard bridge crane layout would not work as a lifting solution because of this obstruction. Consideration was given to using two jib cranes but that idea was disqualified because it would have meant a two-step lifting operation to handle the rolls.

The Solution: The company choose to install a floor-mounted work station crane with a runout bridge beam that cantilevers out approximately 1/3 of the bridge length beyond the runway span. The runout beam’s travel allows for reaching around the duct obstruction and achieves a single pick and place lifting operation. This streamlines the operation and covers considerably more floor space with only 1 lifting device. The crane’s support columns are positioned out beyond the lifting area to keep from obstructing the space near the machine.

Workers manually push/pull to position the bridge and reach extension. An electric chain hoist provides the vertical lift for the roll lifting beam.

ELS was selected because of their past experience of finding creative overhead lifting solutions using Gorbel Crane Systems and providing the P.Eng certification for use in Ontario.

Engineered Lifting Systems & Equipment Inc.’s workers were careful during installation to keep from damaging the expensive specialized process equipment in the crowded work area.