Maintenance Equipment Rail Tanker Cart – Jib Crane WBFC

A company that delivers full-service rail-car maintenance wanted to improve the jib cranes installed in their outdoor rail yard.

Their workers were using the column mounted jib cranes to hoist equipment in/out of tanker rail-cars for cleaning operations. Their workers had to manually rotate the 20 ft booms and push/pull the hoist trolleys over top of the rail cars. When weather conditions were windy, the existing jibs were buffeted in the wind and workers found it challenging to keep them from drifting. Additionally, the jibs were at their capacity thresh hold for the weight of the equipment being hoisted.

ELS had supplied and installed the jibs six years previously, so the company came back to ELS to explore their options on how to improve the jibs. Refurbishing their existing jibs was not a sound option for several reasons: the jib capacities needed to be increased, the booms’ reach needed to be longer, and the jibs were not easily modified for powered rotation systems.

ELS made three new identical weather resistant Jib Cranes (WBFC style), each with controls for powered rotation (105° either side of center) and hoist trolley travel the length of the boom. By increasing the lifting capacity from 1 Ton to 1.5 Ton and with longer boom reach (22 FT), the workers can now easily position the jib booms over the rail-cars and perform the required maintenance operation quicker and safer than before.