Material Handling in Testing Lab

In an underground university scientific testing laboratory, where astrophysical research is conducted, a new process required materials to be lifted into testing equipment. The lab is a wash down, dust free environment, built in the underground rock cavern, with limited space for equipment and a lifting system. The university’s search for a supplier capable of meeting clean room specifications for lifting equipment and a custom engineered solution, lead them to ELS.

ELS provided the university with a modular monorail system (1000 kg load capacity), with a food grade electric chain hoist that traveled on a cantilevering beam that extending out beyond the support structure in order to extend lifting coverage. The whole system was a bolt together modular design to allow sections of the monorail system to fit into a mine shaft elevator and be assembled in the final location. ELS also provided a custom rigging mount to allow a mobile mining lifter (similar to a fork truck) to lift sections overhead during the bolt together assembly over top of the process equipment.

To accommodate the wash down activities, a galvanized finished was applied to the structural steel to prevent corrosion. A food grade electric chain hoist was selected capable of withstanding the wash down actions and featured a VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) to provide gentle precise lifting and placement of loads. Because the electrical power underground is unstable and had non-standard voltage, a custom transformer was installed.