Metal Assembly Wash Down – Steerable Transfer Cart with Step Deck and Deck Grating

Problem:A manufacturer of compressors for natural gas distribution had purchased a paint booth for one of their production facilities. A transfer cart came with the booth system to serve as a transporter for product coming from a wash down area through for finishing. The cart had deflection issues, damaged the floor and was not performing well. In addition, the chemical solutions used in the wash down were causing corrosion damage to the cart. The company was seeking an alternative transfer cart that would withstand the harsh environment and travel easier on the floor surface by equally loading the casters while remaining rigid under all loading conditions.

Solution:The company chose a towed transfer cart with 50 ton capacity. The cart was engineered, manufactured and installed by Engineered Lifting Systems & Equipment Inc. The cart’s design allowed it to be towed behind an aircraft tugger and it’s movement guided by floor-embedded S-shaped channels.

The cart’s 6 stainless steel swivel casters mount to 3 bogeys allow for compliance to variations in the floor. Two (2) bogey axles are mounted in-line with the travel direction and one (1) bogey axle is mounted perpendicular to travel. To allow for ease of transportation, it was shipped in four (4) sections and bolted together on-site. The final assembly deck size was 16 FT wide by 24 FT long. Heavy duty galvanized deck grating permits nozzles to spray from below the cart. The deck’s 6 IN raised middle section allows product attachments to hang below. It also features access stairs on both ends for workers step onto the cart.