Metal Fabricated Assembly – Work Station Bridge Crane

Product: Free Standing Work Station Cranes with Nested Trolleys

The Problem: Health & Safety and production efficiency were what a manufacturer of agricultural equipment was seeking as they looked to replace two portable gantry cranes their workers were using to handle steel materials and fabricated assemblies. Workers struggled with issues of congested floor space with limited room for handling assemblies that weighed 4000 lbs and were up to 16 ft tall. It took two workers pushing and pulling to position the loaded gantries.

The company explored installing an I-Beam crane system to cover the work areas however they valued a crane system that was relocatable and was of a modular design that would allow for future expansion. Long range consideration were explored regarding relocating to a larger building or enlarge the existing building.

The Solution: The company decided to purchase two custom 2 ton Gorbel Free Standing Work Station Cranes with nested trollies mounted on double girder bridges – each crane with nested trolley to mount a rigid hook electric chain hoist.

The crane systems’ general arrangement and installation placed the columns at the outer limits of the work area, tight up against the walls of the building. The middle columns straddling the two cranes served to support both systems. The nested trolleys have maximized the hook height. Because of the low friction trolley wheels workers can manually position the bridges and trolleys.

With the Gorbel crane it takes only one worker instead of two for lifting activities and there is improved utilization of floor space. Benefits include increased productions speed and reduced risk of worker injury.