Metal Plate – Magnet Lifter

Problem: A manufacturer of custom store fixtures and visual merchandising products required sheet & plate materials to be lifted onto and off of a laser cutting machine as part of their manufacturing process. Sheet & plate sizes ranged in size from 4×8 ft to 5×10 ft up to 1/2 in thick. Several workers were required to do the lifting which had risk of worker injury & physical strain. The heavier sheet & plate loads required a fork truck to assist with transfer; this process slowed production due to the wait time involved for a fork truck to became available. A lifting solution was required to address inefficiency and reduce risk of worker injury.

Solution: A lifting system engineered, manufactured and installed by Engineered Lifting Solutions & Equipment Inc. This solution consisted of a combination of a column-mounted Mentor Wall Bracket Tie Rod Style Jib Crane, a Kito Electric Chain Hoist and Trolley with an Anver Mechanical Vacuum Lifter mounted to it. A steel support column was floor mounted with upper tie-off to roof trusses for bracing. The Tie Rod Style Jib was mounted on the corner of a steel support column allowing the 18� boom to have a 250� radial rotation. A tagline system on the boom served to manage the power cable for the Kito Hoist. An Anver Self-Powering Mechanical Vacuum Lifter was suspended from the boom and is self-powering.

Benefits: Since installation, there has been an increase in productivity. The operation is now completed by a single operator allowing other personnel to be reassigned. Additionally, the laser table load & unload operations are now an independent work station able to accomplish transfers at any time. Worker injury has been reduced due to significantly decreased manual lifting.