Mold Repair in Maintenance Shop – Transfer Cart Steerable

The Problem: Workers for a manufacturer of plastic injection molded parts within the automotive industry were physically strained from pushing a gantry crane across the shop floor.

Plastic injection molds, weighing over 2,000 lbs, were transported to the maintenance work-cell on a rolling cart, maintained, and reassembled in the maintenance work-cell. The workers were then required to pick up the molds with a steel gantry crane, then walk the mold and crane together onto the appropriate maintenance table. This action caused physical strain.

The Solution: The company chose to install a Gorbel Free Standing Work Station Crane. Now, workers are able to roll the mold cart into the maintenance work-cell, pick the mold off the cart by simply moving the bridge into position, and then place the mold on the appropriate maintenance table. Workers definitely feel the ergonomic benefits of the Gorbel Work Station Crane.

According to Randy T, “the mold maintenance process is a lot more efficient now and the guys all love the new crane”.