Motor Swap-Out for Food Process Equipment – Jib Crane WBFC

The Problem: A food manufacture required pump motors on process machines to be lifted during maintenance operations. The area had exceedingly limited space not only on the floor but also around the machine. There was no overhead crane service and the area was not accessible to fork trucks. A custom solution needed to be found to lift multiple 1,000 LB pump motors.

The Solution: A custom solution was designed by Engineered Lifting Systems & Equipment Inc. (ELS) to accommodate this unique application. ELS engineered, manufactured and installed a floor mounted cantilevered monorail system consisting of two headers, five columns and four monorails. This system was tied back to an overhead building beam to secure its position. Installation of the system required careful planning to work with the structure and around the existing process machinery.

Although the pump motors are infrequently lifted, this effective custom lifting solution is now providing critically important overhead lifting capability for ongoing machine maintenance.