Motor Swap Out for Maintenance – Transfer Cart OnRail

An energy power generation company needed to do regular monthly maintenance on a motor within its facility. Handling the motor was done by workers using an overhead monorail beam with manual chain hoist to remove the 11000 LB motor from its mount for transfer to a push/pull cart with swivel casters and tow-bar. A winch was used to pull the cart while workers manually steered the casters in the direction of travel. The operation was challenging for several reasons: the congested work space with height and space constrictions; difficulty in controlling the cart’s steering and movements including starting and stopping; and risk of worker injury from the physical demands of the operation.

Consideration was given to powering the existing cart but that really wasn’t a viable option because the cart design didn’t accommodate this modification. Using a fork truck wasn’t an option because of the space restrictions in the work space.

The company decided to purchase a 6 ton capacity Steerable Transfer Cart manufactured by Engineered Lifting Systems & Equipment Inc., Elmira ON Canada. The cart’s features made it the product of choice: highly maneuverable DC Battery Powered drive system [forward & reverse] with travel speed of 50 fpm, on-board battery charger, soft start & stop, holding brake, low profile deck [52”width x 76” length and deck height of 20”] and rugged all welded steel construction.

The company now uses 2 workers instead of 3 to do the motor removal operation, one as the cart operator and the other as a spotter. Using the steerable transfer cart has made this work easier, quicker and has reduced risk of worker injury in contrast to how the work was done previously.