Prefab Building Construction – Bridge Crane Triple Girder with Dual Hoists

A manufacturer who produces modular building systems now uses a custom bridge crane and lifting beam designed, manufactured and installed by ELS. The installation took place in a refurbished 1960s factory with a 24’ floor-to-ceiling clearance.

Installation challenges included the crane’s large size, transportation of the crane through the aisles, and navigation around building columns and overhead obstructions. With the right equipment and expertise, our teams were up for the job!

This crane is used to transfer rectangular structural steel block frames from a fabrication area to final assembly staging areas. The crane features a unique 3-point load lifting arrangement, designed to balance the load regardless of the center of gravity location. It also gives the highest possible hook height and distributes the crane load (15 tonnes capacity) across all three girders to the runway system. Two crane operators synchronize its three wire rope electric hoists to work in unison for a balanced four point lift. Two of the crane’s hoists each lift one corner of the rectangular block frame, while the third hoist, rigged to a spreader beam, lifts the other two corners. A two stage unload process places the frames onto V-groove casters and tracking for positioning units into the final assembly staging areas