Steel Round Stock – Transfer Cart Steerable with V-Deck

A company needed to handle 15 ton steel round stock in their manufacturing facility. The round stock needed to be transferred from various areas in the plant to other areas.

The search for equipment to use for this transfer process lead the company to choose two identical steerable transfer carts manufactured by Engineered Lifting Systems & Equipment Inc., Elmira ON Canada.

Carts are driven across concrete floors by walk beside operators holding pendant controls (forward, reverse, left, right). Pendants are end-to-end relocatable to optimize steering during cart travel. Each cart is battery powered and moves on three casters (two drive casters & one swivel caster) in a tricycle pattern designed to enhance cart handling and maneuverability. Each cart has three removable V-stands that cradle steel rounds and evenly distributed the load. To increase functionality of the carts, the three V-stands are removable to accommodate other products and materials.