Wall Panel Removal Lifting Fixtures

A commercial and industrial structural steel fabrication company with a high-rise condominium rebuilding project (they were expanding it from an 18-story building to a 55-story height) was looking for a solution for removing the building’s old exoskeleton concrete wall. The company needed a custom jig apparatus to mount on the hook of a tower crane. Safety was crucial on the project because of the high pedestrian traffic location of the building – safety, and the perception of safety were both extremely important.

The company had previously sourced other overhead material handling equipment from Engineered Lifting Systems & Equipment Inc. (ELS) so they inquired about having ELS design and manufacture two custom jigs – one to engage with flat wall sections and another one for corner sections. The jig fixtures needed to be below-the-crane-hook devices and were not to exceed the limits of the tower crane when loaded.

With over 45 years of experience designing and manufacturing custom solutions for its customers, ELS agreed to design and manufacture the devices. Initially, as with all custom designs, a careful analysis of the lifting requirements was done. Both jigs featured extended brackets that reached into and secured wall panels for removal from building to ground level. A center of gravity device was designed to accommodate both load and unload conditions.

The company was very pleased with how safe and reliable the custom jig devices worked. They saved time, performed safe lifting operations and in the end, saved time and money.