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Bon Voyage to a Restuff-IT Rental Machine

Today we said ‘bon voyage’ to one of our rental machines. Care was given to palletize, strap down & secure both the Restuff-IT machine and conveyor inside a standard shipping container. The machine is scheduled to sail across the ocean for three-weeks.

Over the 3 month rental period, the machine will be used to increase productivity and improve health & safety measures for workers tasked with loading & unloading floor-loaded product at the customer’s facility in Saint-Laurent-de-Mure, a community in eastern France. The rental time will also provide an opportunity to assess the feasibility of introducing up to 200 Restuff-IT machines into the customer’s existing operation.

The Restuff-IT machine has been integrated with a Gawronski conveyor as the customer’s intended application warranted a telescopic belt over the powered roller conveyor option. In addition, because of the special application, ELS staff engineered unique modifications to both the Restuff-IT machine and the conveyor to aid in both the loading & unloading process.

Destuff-IT & Restuff-IT machines are located in DCs and 3PL operations across North America and beyond. Whether your goal is to increase the health & safety of your workforce, increase productivity and/or improve worker morale, the Destuff-IT line of products are designed to make working in the can easier and safer for your employees.