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Destuff-IT™ Rental Program Announced

Under this program, a Restuff-IT™ machine will be available for short and long term rental periods. The Restuff-IT™ is a bi-directional unit designed to aid workers who load and unload floor-based product from trailers and containers. It is an asset to both inbound & outbound docks.

“We recognize there are many organizations who may need a Restuff-IT™ machine to assist with an influx of floor-based product being received or distributed. While an organization’s volumes may not support the purchase of a machine, there are definitely times of the year which warrant the aid of an ergonomic assist like the Restuff-IT™. This rental program will help those organizations to achieve efficiency and realize noticeable productivity gains during their busy times”, says Richard Kat, VP, Sales & Marketing at Engineered Lifting Systems.

The machine will be rented on a first-come first-serve basis. The rental unit comes with 2 pieces of 26’ powered Nestaflex roller conveyor. Freight costs will be the responsibility of the customer and a quotation will be provided at the time of rental, depending on the location of the rental unit. First time renters will also be subject to a training fee. Quotes for training services will be provided at the time of rental. Customers using the rental for a time trial will have 25% of the rental rebated against the purchase of a new machine. Costs for shipping and training of the rental machine will not be rebated.

In addition, ELS offers a perpetual rental program for companies not interested in the capital expense of owning a machine.

Contact Martin Smit, Destuff-IT™ Technical Sales Representative for more information about the benefits of these innovative machines, pricing and unit availability.

p/ 800-263-9823 x272
e/ msmit@engliftsystems.com