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Destuff-IT Rental Unit

Consider renting a Destuff-IT machine today!

There are 3 reasons why renting is so popular.

1. TRIAL: On average, companies who are currently using a step stool to handle floor-loaded product in trailers or containers see a dramatic increase in productivity. Companies wanting to prove these productivity claims prior to purchasing a machine use the rental program to confirm unload rates within their own facility and with their own workforce. The rental program also allows organizations to create reasonable benchmarks and accurate ROI expectations once machines are purchased.

2. SEASONAL: Companies may need a Restuff-IT machine to assist with a dramatic increase of floor-loaded product being received or distributed. Seasonal influxes warrant the aid of an ergonomic assist like the Restuff-IT. This rental program enables organizations to achieve efficiency and realize noticeable productivity gains during these periods.

3. SPECIAL ORDER: Similar to seasonal increases, organizations may be anticipating a period where an increased number of containers/trailer are anticipated (ie. new product launch). The rental program can aid organizations in handling this atypical volume.

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