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ELS Ships Two Off-Set Lifting Beams

ELS designs and fabricates custom lifting solutions. A recent shipment of two identical Off-Set Lifting Beams is a noteworthy example of ELS capabilities to supply custom to suit equipment that �makes difficult jobs seem easy�.
The end-user�s lifting operations were complicated by several factors. The work area was a hazardous environment and had significant restrictions to the beams� length and weight. An additional complication was the compressed timeline for design, fabrication and shipment of the two beams.
Due to the complexity of the lifting beam, ELS�s design engineering process required extensive model and testing in software programs to develop a balancing system to accommodate various lifting capacities and balancing of the off-set load.
Each Lifting Beam was to have a single point lifting bail for a 15 Ton crane, along with rigging that would attach to two lifting points on the beam. The beam had significant length and weight restrictions. The initial quote request was for an off-set lifting point of 11,000 lbs and a second beam for 3000 lbs, however ELS combined both beams into one in our product offering. The off-set lifting point was to enable safe lifts outside of the overhead crane�s normal service area.
All of these requirements called for the design to be a three piece bolt together beam to accommodate the additional reach and capacity. The final capacity was for 14,000 lbs and 6000 lbs with an additional length of 6�-3�. A nose piece was needed to extend the reach and an end piece was necessary to increase the beam length for a longer travel distance for the counterweight to accommodate varying reach and load weights. Balancing of the beam prior to lifting operations was accomplished by a remote radio controller, battery powered, trolley mounted counterweight that travels along the length beam to offset the load. A pre-planned engineered load test was performed at ELS to prove out the functionality of the beam and everything worked as planned.
The end-user�s difficult job of lifting panels in a restricted, hazardous area has been made achievable with these two offset lifting beams. Through a demanding design, fabrication and assembly process that insisted on excellent workmanship and high safety standards, the lifts are now performed reliably and with ease.