Magnets for Pipe Handling

Magnetic Tube Lifters are designed to assist in stacking, unstacking, loading and unloading a variety of tube and pipe applications. They are typically a permanent magnet design that utilizes cylinder actuation to release a single tube or pipe or entire rows or bundles of round steel stock.

Permanent Magnet Tube Lifter designs have “built-in” safety as they will continue to hold the tube or pipe even in the event of shop air loss without the need for a battery back-up or other safety systems.

Also offered is electromagnetic tube/pipe lifters for those systems that do not use shop air. Can also provide permanent magnet options that use an electrical source to power the actuation mechanism. Electrically actuated lifters offer the same type of safety as the magnets and will stay in the “ON” position even during a power failure.

• Hydroforming
• Roll forming
• Packing, cutting tube or pipe fabrication