On-Rail Transfer Carts

Reliable Solution for Horizontal Transferring of Loads along a Fixed Path

Carts are mounted on steel rail for shuttling along a fixed path. Standard carts are DC powered. Standard carts come in lengths of 4, 6 or 8 FT and widths of 4 or 6 FT. Larger cart capacities and sizes are available for specific applications.

– Material or stock shuttle
– Assembly transfer
– Tank transfer
– Moveable machinery platform

– Flat steel deck
– Flat tread steel wheels
– Drive motor
– Voltage meter
– Push button pendant

– Railings
– AC power
– Cable reel
– Warning alarm
– Wood decking material
– Stainless steel decking
– Custom paint color
• Rail guides
• End stops

– Transfer carts can be designed to be semi-manual or fully-automated depending on the requirements of the application. Transfer Carts can also be part of automated crane systems, serving to shuttle goods, material, or product to and from manufacturing processes or storage locations.

– Automated Transfer Carts shuttle provide dependable, efficient transfer of loads for a diverse array of applications ranging from aluminum anodizing, paper roll storage, general manufacturing and can be customized to suit. Automated transfer carts can reduce labor costs, optimize manufacturing processes and reduce capital costs associated with forklift systems. The end result is increased production and throughput.