Pendant Control Handle

A Gorbel Product. Gorbel has over 30 years experience providing overhead handling solutions to customers in a wide range of industries. Engineering Lift Systems & Equipment Inc. (ELS) is an authorized dealer/distributor for Gorbel.

This infinitely variable handle is a no-charge optional alternative to the standard G-Force and Easy Arm slide handle. This two-button pendant control handle has infinitely variable control for operators, giving them fast, safe, and precise control of the lifting device.

• Float Mode Enable Button

• E-Stop Button

• Universal Mounting Bracket

• Infinitely Variable for More Precise Control: The more you push on the pendant control levers, the faster the lifting unit will go, much like the accelerator on your car. This gives operators faster, smoother, more precise control, especially when a remote mount handle is necessary for larger end effectors.

• Ease of Use: The buttons of the pendant handle require less than 1 pound of force to depress, making it up to 70% easier than traditional pendants. This reduces the potential for fatigue and repetitive stress injuries of the hand and wrist.

• Better Headroom: The pendant configuration maximizes vertical travel, allowing operators to easily lift loads higher.

• Comfort: The traditional two-button handle design, with very fine speed control, is attractive to those operators who are more comfortable with the air-balancer style handle than the traditional G-Force slide handle.

• Configuration: A pendant handle can directly replace any existing G-Force or Easy Arm remote mount handle. It can also be configured as a dangling pendant for even greater application flexibility.

• G-Force with suspended pendant
• Easy Arm with suspended pendant
• Remote mount pendant for G-Force or Easy Arm

Added Functionality: The pendant handle shares a common handle base with the Soft Touch Pneumatic Control Handle. This allows the control block of the pendant handle to be easily integrated with the single pilot valve blocks of the Soft Touch Pneumatic Handle. This handle combination can be used to control end effector functions and the up/down motion of the Intelligent Lifting Device on one handle.