Self-Powering Vacuum Lifters

A mechanical vacuum lifter that operates without electricity or compressed air and has been upgraded with new components and an ergonomic front handle bar has been introduced by ANVER Corporation of Hudson, Massachusetts.

The ANVER Mechanical Vacuum Lifter uses a self-cycling valve and piston mechanism which creates a powerful suction when the lifter is lowered from a crane hook onto a load until the chain slackens, and is then raised again. Controlled by the up and down motion of the hoist, this mechanical vacuum lifter needs no external power, and is available with capacities up to 15,000 lb. (6804 kg).

Featuring air tight construction, with wear points made from oil-impregnated plastics, the ANVER Mechanical Vacuum Lifter is virtually maintenance-free. Ideal for the horizontal handling of metal and other nonporous sheet and plate, it has an ergonomic front handle bar and adjustable beams, cross members, and vacuum pads. Literature is available upon request.

For Sheet and Plate

No installation required. Simply attach the hook of a hoist, crane, or boom truck to the lifter and it’s ready for operation!

• Attach and release are controlled by the up and down movement of the hoist. The vacuum control valve alternates between attach and release each time the lifter is picked up or set down.
• An operator cannot release a load without setting down the lifter load and until the chain is slack.
• No control buttons of any kind on the lifter.
• No external power source or festooning required.
• Unit can be spun around 360° without limitation, as there are no electric or air lines to tangle.
• Not affected by power failures or power brownouts. Safe around water burning tables.
• Totally silent operation creates no oil mist or pollution. Extremely efficient, low-cost operation.
• Lowest maintenance requirements of all vacuum lifters. Rebuilds are infrequent and simple.
• Suitable for 100% duty cycle, 24 hours a day operation. They never overheat or burn-out.