Vacuum Sheet Lifters

An Anver Product. Anver is a leading North American builder of vacuum material handling equipment. Engineered Lifting Systems & Equipment Inc. (ELS) is an authorized dealer/distributor for Anver.

The electric and air powered vacuum generators with front-mounted controls & gauges and an ergonomic front handle bar.

Our Technical Sales people are available to assist you in selecting the right vacuum lifter for your application.

ANVER Vacuum Lifters comply fully with and meet the standards of US ANSI ASME Standard B30.20 for below-the-hook lifting devices, as well as complying with OSHA and most European requirements.

• Any Object – Sheet and plate, coil, pipe, ingots, boxes, bags, sacks, paper, appliances, cabinets, etc.
• Any Material – Metal, concrete, foam, wood, stone, plastic; in short, any porous or non-porous, smooth or rough material.
• Any Shape – Concave, convex, flat, ribbed, uneven, wavy surfaces, etc.
• Any Action – Lifting, picking, tilting, rotating, placing, packing, etc.
• Any Environment – Indoors, outdoors, dusty, hot, mill-duty, production line use, etc.
• Lift, Tilt or Manipulate. Handle all types of loads with ease

Pad Attachments
• Single round pad attachments
• In-line multiple round pad attachments
• Rectangular pad attachments for small loads
• Rectangular pad attachments for medium loads
• Rectangular pad attachments for heavy loads
• Standard foam seal rectangular pad attachments (parking stands recommended)