Vacuum Tube Lifters – Anver®

An Anver Product. Anver is a leading North American builder of vacuum material handling equipment. Engineered Lifting Systems & Equipment Inc. (ELS) is an authorized dealer/distributor for Anver.

ANVER VT Series Vacuum Tube Lifting Systems are ergonomic lift assist devices designed for high production use. With their continuous duty cycle, unlimited starts & stops per minute are possible and the vacuum attachment to and release of the load is instantaneous.

Anver VT Tube Lifting Systems require minimal operator training. They grab the load (via vacuum suction), support, lift and lower the load, all by a single operator control. The use of vacuum pads for attachment allows objects to be lifted without fear of damage to the surface or edges of the product, often caused by manual lifts or grabs.

Anver VB Tube Lifting Systems are best for handling porous materials. Systems have an electric chain hoist that provides vertical lift. They offer improved headroom and stable holding for dumping an poring applications.

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• Anver VT Vacuum Tube Lift Systems are ideal for repetitive handling of either non-porous, semi porous or porous loads.

Application engineers will help ensure you select the right system that matches your needs:
• Palletizing boxes & cartons
• Bags & sacks
• Sheets & panels
• Pails & drums
• Coils & rolls

• Lifting doors
• Emptying plastic jugs from pallets onto a conveyor
• Lifting large label rolls

Standard VT Systems:
• VT160 (tube diameters of 160mm or 6.3″)
• VT180 (tube diameters of 180mm or 7.1″)
• VT200 (tube diameters of 200mm or 7.9″)

Large Capacity VT Systems:
• VT2200 Double tube system, (tube diameters of 200mm or 7.9″)
• VT250 Single tube system, (tube diameters of 250mm or 9.8″)

VB & VM Vacuum Lift Systems:
• Both VB & VM Systems are hoist-based systems, fully integrated, non-weight sensitive vacuum lift systems. They are designed for use where headroom or load size would not allow the use of a VT tube lifting system, or for lifting unusually heavy, bulky or compact loads.