Work Station Cranes Ceiling Mounted
Up to 4,000 LB

A Gorbel Product. Gorbel has over 30 years experience providing overhead handling solutions to customers in a wide range of industries. Engineering Lift Systems & Equipment Inc. (ELS) is an authorized dealer/distributor for Gorbel.

With ceiling-mounted systems, supporting steel does not interfere with the handling operation. Ceiling-mounted systems require a building with an adequate overhead structure to hang the crane.

• Applications with lighter loads (less than 4,000 LB)
• Parts assembly
• Machining
• Palletizing loads
• Injection molding
• Warehouse loading docks
• Process equipment maintenance
• Truck service centers

• Capacities: From 150 to 4,000 LB
• Rectangular coverage with up to 34 FT bridge & 124 FT runway standard
• Standard support distances of 20, 25 & 30 FT

Both aluminum and steel Gorbel Work Station Crane Systems utilize enclosed track that is high in strength and low in weight.

Major Advantages:
• Enclosed track cranes are easier to move than traditional bridge cranes
• Design virtually eliminates dirt and dust from the rolling surface, thus reducing wear on the wheels of the trolley and end trucks
• Smooth running surface means lower rolling resistance
• Low profile of the steel track allows the system to be installed where headroom is a problem
• Low track weight reduces the applied forces exerted on the supporting structure
• Long spans allow systems to be installed where hanging points are infrequent (up to 30 FT with steel truss design)
• Four distinct sizes of track (250, 500, 1,000 & 2,000 series) enable you to keep bridge weights and costs to a minimum

• Enclosed track/easy movement and long life
• Rigid runways superior load positioning – no movement or “crabwalking” of bridge
• No support structures so work areas are kept clear of obstruction
• Ease of installation
• Smooth rolling surface/easier movement of bridge and trolleys
• Multiple track profiles and spanning capabilities/adaptable, flexible and cost competitive

• Aluminum or stainless steel
• Aluminum or coped aluminum bridge
• Cantilevered supports
• Motorize
• Galvanizing; custom paint
• Tool trolleys
• Maintenance gates
• Telescoping bridge