Work Station Options

• Designed to extend outside the normal reach of a bridge crane.
• Capacities: From 100 LB up to 1,000 LB. Amount of cantilever varies per application (up to 10 FT possible at 750 LB)

• Tractor Drives provide motorized movement on new or existing Gorbel Enclosed Track Work Station Cranes and Monorails.
• Drives are available for steel track or aluminum track and are designed for indoor use.

• G-Sync™ Technology Single
• Point of Control: Designed to lift long loads, lifting both ends of the load in one synchronized motion.
• Designed to make it easy to service overhead crane systems with multiple bridges and tool rail with multiple trolleys.
• Capacities: Up to 4,000 LB
• Option is used for transferring loads from a bridge crane to monorail spurs or storage rail and vice versa. They can also be used to move loads to separate rooms or work cells.