Work Station Shop Crane
Up to .5 T

A Gorbel Product. Gorbel has over 30 years experience providing overhead handling solutions to customers in a wide range of industries. Engineering Lift Systems & Equipment Inc. (ELS) is an authorized dealer/distributor for Gorbel.

Shop Crane by Gorbel is an overhead crane system that distributes the weight of your load over a system consisting of a bridge and two parallel runways. By spreading the weight out, movement and positioning of loads up to 1,000 LB becomes effortless, making heavy lifting into a one person job.

– Racing shops
– Automotive restoration
– Boat/Jet ski maintenance
– Tractor repair
– Snow plow removal
– Fabrication workshops
– Truck loading/unloading

– Shop Crane was designed for easy installation in your garage without a lot of assembly, special tools or forklifts.
– Component parts, while very strong, are light enough that two people can lift without difficulty.
– With common hand tools, two step ladders and a hammer drill, your Shop Crane system will be assembled and ready in just a couple of hours.

– Manual and Electric Hoists: Pair your shop crane with a hoist
– Second Bridge: For lifting and balancing longer loads
– Column Extensions: Extend the height of your columns by 12 inches
– Tagline Kit: Neatly gather air or electrical cables along your runways